Celtic & Viking Tattoos Portfolio by Captain Bret Newport, RI


Celtic Tattoo Portfolio

Tattoos by Captain Bret & Celtic Tattoo

Newport, Rhode Island  # 2 Collins St. 02840


Renowned for Celtic Tattoos

Celtic, Viking, Nordic, Norse, Scandinavian styles of Tattooing

 We do All styles of Custom Tattoos.

Offering Custom unique Tattoos, Nautical, Ladies Fine Line, Fancy Watercolors, Expert lettering and Calligraphy, Black & Grey, or, Extremely colorful designs, American Tradition Tattooing, Sailor Jerry styles also.Tribal & Native Art specialist, Expert with COVER- UPS & Repairs,  Realistic Tattoos.Viking & Nordic Work. Dot-Work. Renowned for CELTIC Tattooing.

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penntat2.jpg (42016 bytes)aaacros clover.jpg (14656 bytes)

Mystic River Tattoo

Sean Penn's    Back Tattoo

Tattoo that Captain Bret Designed that was used in Clint Eastwood's movie "MYSTIC RIVER" staring Sean Penn as the character "Jimmy Markum" a South Boston Irish mobster with this Celtic styled cross Tattooed on his back

We bury our sins, we wash them clean.

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Viking- Nordic-Norse -Scandinavian styled Dragons. A Custom Tattoo by Captain Bret

Large Celtic Cross Tattoo on Back

Tree of Life Tattooed by Captain Bret

The Vegvisir, also known as the Runic compass or the Viking compass, is a symbol of protection and guidance believed to be used as a compass by the Vikings. The word Vegvisir means "Wayfinder" and "sign post" in Icelandic

Compass Rose- Nautical Star- With Celtic Knot work

  Irish flag colored Celtic shamrock Tattoo

skull shamrock Tattoo on elbow

Celtic Cross Tattoo by Captain Bret


Celtic Claddagh Tattoo

Celtic - knotwork - arm-band Tattoo by Captain Bret

Celtic, Viking Ravens Tattoo by Captain Bret



Viking Dragon Tattoo by Captain Bret & Celtic Tattoo

Viking Dragon Tattoo by Captain Bret & Celtic Tattoo

Celtic - Triskelion - Triskel Tattoo


Celtic & Viking Styles sleeve Tattoo by The Captain


Thors Hammer Viking, Nordic Tattoo

Thor's Hammer with Ravens, Wolf, Knot work & Dot work

Thor's Hammer with Ravens, Wolf, Knot work & Dot work

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$60 Tattoos

Discount Designs

Celebrating 40 years in business


Celtic Armband by Captain Bret

Celtic leg band by Captain Bret

Large Celtic Cross on Rib Cage Tattoo

celtband107.jpg (14780 bytes)

   Celtic  Warrior Spike Band

Celtic Circle of Life Tattoo

Celtic Dog "In memory of" Chase, the police dog

Celtic Circle & Celtic Swirl. Tattoos by Captain Bret & Celtic Tattoo, Newport, RI


Start of a New piece, shading next

Celtic - Nordic- Viking Dragons Tattoo by Captain Bret


Celtic Claddagh Tattoo with a Tree of Life center


Vegvisir, Yggdrasil, Dragon, Norse, Viking, Tree of Life Tattoo by Captain Bret


Polynesian Hawaiian Tattoo Sleeve

Celtic Knot work Shamrock Design

Celtic Mother Daughter Tattoo

circlecross.jpg (35188 bytes)

Celtic Surfers Cross

Celtic Cross by Captain Bret


Celtic  & Viking - Dragon - Tattoos

Celtic- Viking- Nordic -Sleeve -Tattoo

#Viking Dragons - Viking Compass - #Vegvísir- Runic Compass" or a "Viking Compass-Traditional Viking Tattoo  #DotWorkStyle


Viking Dragons - Viking Compass -Vegvisir - Runes- Scandinavian- Traditional Viking Tattoo - Dot Work Style -

 Custom Tattoo by Captain Bret

Celtic- Viking Knot work Skull with Flames

Bear Claw Celtic  Tattoo- Native-Tribal styled

wolf paw Celtic Tattoo, Native-Tribal styled

Circular Tree of Life Tattoo by Captain Bret

Celtic Cross Tattoo by Captain Bret & Celtic Tattoo

Norse Icelandic Viking Rune symbol Tattoo by Captain Bret.jpg

Captain Bret's Crew here at the Studio

celt dogs new.jpg (16930 bytes)

Custom Celtic dogs back piece Tattoo (Viking origin)

Viking Tattoo - Thors Hammer with Celtic Knots

 celtic shamrock with trinity design tattoo


 Celtic Cross                                              CelticArmband


We specialize in fixing old Tattoos. We can cover up your old Tattoo.
We will make you NEW again.
Fixing and Re-Coloring faded or improperly executed art is our favorite thing.

 Warrior strength Tattoo armband design

Large Celtic Knot Work Arm Band

Elaborate Celtic Knot Armband in Green

Viking Norse Dotwork Dragon Tattoos

Dragons  Wolves Viking Vegvisir Compass Tattoo

Trinity Celtic Knot Tattoo

Vegvisir, the Viking Compass


Custom Tattoo by Captain Bret

Tree of Life Tattoo

Tree of Life & Shamrock Tattoo

Celtic Heart Tattoo on Hand

Celtic Crown Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo

crackedceltdoggy.jpg (38539 bytes)

Celtic Hunting Hound Tattoo by Captain Bret


crosscircle.jpg (29861 bytes)

Custom Women's Celtic Cross with Tree of Life Chalice, Peace Dove and Trinity's

celtman&womanwoven.jpg (45001 bytes)

Man & Woman Dragons

celtic&tribaltripledragons.jpg (50376 bytes)

Custom Drawn Triple Celtic Dragons Tattoo by Captain Bret

Stylized Tree of Life Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo by Captain Bret

All Tattoos at my shop are done by the owner/artist Captain Bret

No flunkies, or apprentices allowed near your skin !

Tree Of Life Celtic Nordic Tree Tattoos



  Tree of Life - Beginning and End - Continuity of Life

Tribal with some Celtic, Custom Tattoo by Captain Bret

Viking Tattoo

Viking - Nordic Dotwork Dragon

Claddagh Celtic ankle Band Weave

Celtic Circle Tattoo

Ocean Blue custom Trinity Tattoo with Tribal

crosscircle.jpg (29861 bytes)

Celtic Life Circle with Tribal Band by Captain Bret

dragon&tribalarm2.jpg (24894 bytes)


Custom Tribal and Celtic Fusion Tattoos by Captain Bret

celtkroossback.jpg (27223 bytes)

Large Ancient Celtic Cross Custom Design

Captain Bret at Work

All Tattoos at my shop are done by the owner/artist Captain Bret

No flunkies, or apprentices allowed near your skin !

Saint Francis Assisi with Jesus on the cross Tattoo

celtcircle17a.jpg (19269 bytes)


reddogcelt.jpg (26639 bytes)

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

People with flying birds Tree of Life Tattoo

Celtic Warrior band  knot work Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Heart Tattoo with Trinity

celtcirclecross.jpg (22917 bytes)

keltdragon1a.jpg (20534 bytes)            stonecrosscelt.jpg (10913 bytes)

  Custom Irish Pride Calligraphy Lettering Tattoo

Celtic Hearts Infinity Love Family symbol Tattoo by Captain Bret

Sinn Fein "IRA" Owl & Sword Tattoo

Scottish Thistle

keltKross100.jpg (26990 bytes)


A Celtic Cross

Celtic Circle Tattoo

Celtic Crescent Moon Tattoo by Captain Bret

Bagpiper Tattoo

Tree of Life with Free Birds

Gaelic Name Tattoo

flagshamrock1a.jpg (36402 bytes)

Nice Irish Flag Colored Celtic Shamrock By Captain Bret

celtswirl1a.jpg (22754 bytes)           tripleknot100.jpg (87419 bytes)

Tree of Life

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

Green Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

Trinity Knot, also known as a Triquetra.

Celtic Owl

Cover Up Tattoo, old name being covered with a Celtic Stylized Octopus, Kraken Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoo, old name being covered with a Celtic Stylized Octopus, Kraken Tattoo.

A little more work and its gone. Call us if you have a cover up you need done, or fix up an old Tattoo

Call for Appointment

(401) 846-4488

Celtic Dragons Cross Tattoo

coolcross.jpg (42854 bytes)

 Cool Celtic Black & Grey Celtic Cross by Captain Bret

Tree of Life with flying Birds Tattoo

Shades of Ireland green Celtic Cross designs by Captain Bret

dolphins.jpg (15873 bytes)

  Celtic Dolphin Spiritual Weave

Celtic Pentagram Tattoo

Celtic Cross

Celtic Trinity Tattoo design by Captain Bret

Tree of Life Tattoo



Ancient Tree of Life Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo

elaborate Celtic cross knot work Tattoo design by Captain Bret

Celtic Cross Large Mans Back

tribal-celtic bear claw.jpg (22534 bytes)


All Tattoos at my shop are done by the owner/artist Captain Bret

No flunkies, or apprentices allowed near your skin !

celtic griffin.jpg (15541 bytes)

Celtic Griffin Tattoo

celtic heart1.jpg (14464 bytes)

Celtic Lovers Heart

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design by Captain Bret

The Best Tattoo Parlor in Rhode Island

Fancy Calligraphy Lettering Name Tattoo

Stone work style Celtic Irish Cross

A Cover Up with Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic wrist band


celtvanity.jpg (20844 bytes)

Celtic butterfly Tattoo by Captain Bret

Women's Celtic Heart with Tribal details

celtic viking nordic warrior armband

celtic sun


Custom women's Celtic Heart Tattoo

Custom Celtic & Tribal Fusion Tattoo by Captain Bret 

celtblue.jpg (26803 bytes)

Celtic Clover Shamrock Tattoo

Scottish Thistle & Celtic Trinity Knot with Tribal Background by Captain Bret

Celtic Butterfly

LARGE Celtic weave armband with gothic cross


Triple strength Dragons Tattoo

Custom Firemans Cross Tattoo by Captain Bret

  Custom Celtic & Tribal Tattoo by Captain Bret

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)


Sailor Jerry  Birds. We do CUSTOM Traditional Tattoos also


Tree of Life - Beginning and End - Continuity of Life

Tree Of Life Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo idea

Celtic  Hounds  " Dogs"  Tattoo

#Cross #Celtic #Tattoos

Celtic Triquetra with anachrid by Captain Bret Tattoo Shop, Newport

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)

 Custom Drawn Triple Celtic Dragons Tattoo by Captain Bret

Irish Pride Heritage shamrock Tattoo

 Celtic Cross Tattoo by Captain Bret

 Nice Tribal and Celtic Sun

Celtic Irish Harp Tattoo


Custom Shamrock Tattoo by Captain Bret with a "Star of David" in center

Ladies, come get a HOT Celtic Tattoo Like this from us at

   Celtic Lion Tattoo

celtcircle2.jpg (23986 bytes)        keltcircle105.jpg (27998 bytes)

Celtic Infinity of Life Earth Circles

Cover up an old cross with a new cross

tribal-celtic bear claw.jpg (22534 bytes)

 Tribal Strength Celtic WOLF Claw

dragonwristband1a.jpg (15107 bytes)

Dragon Wrist band

a big celt band.jpg (11238 bytes)

Large Celtic arm band in green

1-22-03.jpg (19390 bytes)

Tribal and Celtic Fusion Tattoo

Celtic Dove Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo

Boston Strong Tattoo

modtreelife.jpg (125146 bytes)

Another cool TREE of LIFE Tattoo

 Infinity- Four Seasons- Tree of Life

Tree of Life Tattoo on a foot, cool & click to order 41A

Very large Celtic cross on leg

#viking rune stone tattoo by captain Bret

Claddagh Tattoo

Shamrock and Claddagh Tattoo


  Custom Celtic Cross by Captain Bret

Ogham Celtic Lettering Tattoo design

Custom Large Celtic Arm Tattoo Designs by Captain Bret

flagshamrock1a.jpg (36402 bytes)

Nice Irish Flag Colored Celtic Shamrock By Captain Bret

The Tree of Life


Coolest Celtic Cross    

celticlion1a.jpg (48158 bytes)

 Celtic Strength Lion

celtcirclesun3.jpg (28279 bytes)

Blazing Kool Celtic Infinity Sun Design

swirl2.jpg (24001 bytes)

 #53   Celtic Trinity Knot Swirl Tattoo

Celtic Compass Tattoo

newageceltic.jpg (14841 bytes)

Celtic Strength Symbol


Celtic Trinity Dragon

Large Celtic Back Tattoo design

Captain Bret at work Tattooing a Custom Design

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)


Custom Celtic Tattoo by Captain Bret

Celtic Cats around an older Tattoo

Viking , Nordic Dragons covering a really old Tattoo

largesleaveceltarm.jpg (192077 bytes)

firemansceltcross4.jpg (43330 bytes)

Firemans Cross

Double Strength Tribal & Celtic Dragons


Get in line for a Tattoo by Captain Bret

celtcompassrosecross.jpg (18010 bytes)

Celtic Compass Rose - Find your Direction & course in Life!

celthugeflagshamrock.jpg (11372 bytes)

Irish American Shamrock

Tree of Life Tattoo

celticeagle&knot.jpg (51994 bytes)

Celtic Eagle

bluecelticswirly.jpg (35334 bytes)

Celtic Cosmic Swirl

firemancrossceltic.jpg (26694 bytes)

Firemans Cross Shielded by Lucky Shamrock

celtskull4.jpg (26682 bytes)

Screaming Tribal Celtic Warrior Skull

celtcladdagha1.jpg (35546 bytes)


keltlizardcustom.jpg (114718 bytes)

Keltic Lizard Tattoo

peacocka1a.jpg (19518 bytes)

Kelt Peacock

tree#1.jpg (23223 bytes)

 Tree  of  Life    Tattoos 

Viking Tattoo

skull2.jpg (21755 bytes)

celtsimoleshamrock&knotsa.jpg (8814 bytes)

cross&doubldragn.jpg (24576 bytes)

Ancient Cross and Protective Dogs

shamrock#1.jpg (19344 bytes)

Lucky Celtic Shamrock Knot

lgcltcrsback.jpg (36214 bytes)

Huge Celtic Cross on back


Circle of Irish Warrior Pride Shamrock Tattoo


claddaghflag.jpg (15531 bytes)

Claddagh with Irish Flag Colors

'In a symbol lies concealment or revelation'

a new celt dogs large back 4.jpg (21294 bytes)

Interwoven  Large Celtic Dogs on Back

keltgirlyheart.jpg (16496 bytes)

Keltic Girly Heart

a new celt cross aa.jpg (17514 bytes)  

a new celt eagle.jpg (14808 bytes)

Large Back sized Celtic eagle   

a new celt green dog.jpg (16079 bytes)

Elaborate Celtic Knotwork Hound

celtictriangledogs.jpg (20862 bytes)


cross#2.jpg (25365 bytes)

dragonharp1.jpg (29250 bytes)

Celtic Dragon Harp

hearttauruscelt.jpg (16698 bytes)

keltletercircle.jpg (23894 bytes)

a new celt spiral a.jpg (11160 bytes)

Book of Kells Spiral with custom Tribal on lower back

a new celt dog & bird b.jpg (11199 bytes)

Celtic dog with Peacock

shamrock celt weave 2.jpg (11922 bytes)

Womans Lower  Back Claddagh Tattoo

rearendceltic.jpg (20040 bytes)


a new celt back piece.jpg (12600 bytes)

Large Custom Celtic Back Tattoo

a celtic sea horse.jpg (17898 bytes)

Celtic Sea Horse

circledog1.jpg (20620 bytes)              circledog2.jpg (20990 bytes)

Celtic Circle Earth Dogs

celticbird.jpg (25000 bytes)

Celtic Bird & Art Tribal

double dragons.jpg (15838 bytes)

Celtic Double Strength Spirit Dragons

circular shamrock weave.jpg (23925 bytes)

Good Luck Irish Faith Circular Weave Shamrock

celtcircletribal.jpg (15109 bytes)

Tribal and Celtic Tattoo

dog32.jpg (24866 bytes)

Celtic Hound

celtdragonharp.jpg (21392 bytes)

Celtic Dragon Harp


Irish Celtic Back Tattoo by Captain Bret

Ancient Celtic design

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)

Warrior strength Tattoo armband design

boston.jpg (124847 bytes)

doublrdragon101.jpg (22468 bytes)

celticlion2a.jpg (65275 bytes)

Celtic Lion

celtbabies.jpg (24877 bytes)

celticeagle3.jpg (17466 bytes)

claddaghshamrock.jpg (10072 bytes)

mermaidankleband.jpg (7677 bytes)

Celtic mermaid Tattoo

celtweave.jpg (12217 bytes)

irishmancrossflag.jpg (24149 bytes)

celtcircle.jpg (12167 bytes)

celtdragon55.jpg (18721 bytes)

Celtic Dragon- Viking Origin

celtarmname.jpg (25241 bytes)

firemancross.jpg (23840 bytes)

celticfiremanshield.jpg (41259 bytes)

Celtic Fireman's Shield

niceshamrock1.jpg (160424 bytes) 

Celtic knot Shamrock

Celtic Mother Daughter Tattoo

dog.jpg (17884 bytes)   keltickross45.jpg (34225 bytes)    celtgriffin.jpg (21758 bytes)

logo_sun_aa.jpg (10366 bytes)    red_celt_knot.jpg (10533 bytes)   a new celt harp.jpg (12879 bytes)   a new celt circle aa.jpg (10860 bytes)

celtictribal_sun.jpg (13688 bytes)     aanew_celtshamrock.jpg (5914 bytes)      aanew celtshamrock.jpg (13869 bytes)     crows.jpg (9923 bytes)

celt24.jpg (9815 bytes)  a new celt circle yellow.jpg (14964 bytes)   a new celtcross shamrockb.jpg (11800 bytes)  celt26.jpg (10176 bytes)

celtknotsmall100.jpg (17438 bytes)  kelttrinity11.jpg (14404 bytes)  keltcircle101.jpg (17996 bytes) keltswirl100.jpg (19762 bytes)

celtband102.jpg (10731 bytes)   lgceltweave11.jpg (13079 bytes)   celtband100.jpg (11853 bytes)   celtarmband103.jpg (10813 bytes)

ca2.jpg (11577 bytes)   green_cross.jpg (9881 bytes)    C7.jpg (10541 bytes)      a new celt cross 1a.jpg (10805 bytes)

snake_celtica.jpg (9225 bytes)     celtcrossnewa.jpg (11452 bytes)   ce.jpg (12060 bytes)  aaaaceltband.jpg (9026 bytes) cc.jpg (10734 bytes)

a new celt shamrock & knot.jpg (10671 bytes)    harp.jpg (10928 bytes)   new_celt_not.jpg (11171 bytes)   new_black_celt_circle.jpg (10587 bytes)        cross_aa.jpg (8373 bytes)

cfg.jpg (8843 bytes)    c4.jpg (19367 bytes)  celtsaw.jpg (31295 bytes)  celtic_knot.jpg (8786 bytes)    

ca4.jpg (9566 bytes)    C9.jpg (15407 bytes)   a24.jpg (15367 bytes)   celt weave new.jpg (14316 bytes)

harp celtband.jpg (16910 bytes)   a new celt & tribal sun.jpg (17704 bytes)    celtic3.jpg (5257 bytes)    anewcelticband12-30.jpg (10668 bytes)   arm.jpg (12741 bytes)

 a new celt belt.jpg (14889 bytes)   aanew cltbnda.jpg (19239 bytes)  roundcross.jpg (11961 bytes)  celtcircularknot.jpg (12069 bytes)  a new cross & kanji.jpg (11051 bytes)    celtgriffin.jpg (21758 bytes)

  armband 2.jpg (10110 bytes)   circle_celt.jpg (10251 bytes)  half swastika.jpg (9979 bytes)  Black Celt Cross.jpg (11298 bytes)  ravens.jpg (11286 bytes)  

    a celtic skull.jpg (14515 bytes)    a new celt dragons circle.jpg (13804 bytes)    celticshamrockcircle.jpg (13832 bytes)    band.jpg (10664 bytes)  celticshieldtribal.jpg (14566 bytes)  celtic peacock.jpg (13245 bytes)

    dog.jpg (17884 bytes)      a new celt cross lined.jpg (13636 bytes)    c1.jpg (13602 bytes)        aaacros clover.jpg (14656 bytes)         

aaaceltband.jpg (8061 bytes)        aaa2celtband.jpg (15689 bytes)        aaa3celtband.jpg (8335 bytes)

aacelt tree big.jpg (14626 bytes)

beermug.jpg (24034 bytes)

Celtic butterfly

hand skull.jpg (18148 bytes)

armband 2.jpg (10110 bytes)

Sailor Jerry  Birds. We do CUSTOM Traditional Tattoos

Hills of Ireland Celtic Cross

sox.jpg (37569 bytes)

Boston   Red Sox  Tattoo Design

elaboratecladdaghaa.jpg (215732 bytes)

Custom Celtic Shamrock Armband by Captain Bret

anotherceltband.jpg (55019 bytes)

elaboratecladdagha.jpg (62057 bytes)         yingyangceltic.jpg (10873 bytes)

celtsaw.jpg (31295 bytes)

purplceltcircle.jpg (43416 bytes)

triangle band a.jpg (14250 bytes)

Celtic well being arm band

a new celtic with tribal band.jpg (7806 bytes)

Celtic design with Tribal

tribalcalddagh.jpg (11547 bytes)

treelife2coloredaaa.jpg (32266 bytes)


celtic interwoven double dragons.jpg (11437 bytes)

      treelifeknot.jpg (12372 bytes)

We do ALL Tattoo styles, NOT JUST Tribal & Celtic

firemancelt.jpg (26384 bytes)

Celtic Fireman Cross

celtdragons2cross.jpg (17521 bytes)        celtcirclecrossunderarm.jpg (22314 bytes)          wickedlgharp.jpg (69330 bytes) 

pentagramkelta.jpg (154037 bytes)

Celtic Pentagram Tattoo

crosselbow.jpg (23077 bytes)   

  greenkeltkrossarm.jpg (18516 bytes)

blakcros1a1.jpg (74589 bytes)       shamrockcross2aaaa.jpg (20808 bytes)        crossgray.jpg (21470 bytes)

crackedcross1.jpg (17200 bytes)    oldceltcrosscracked2.jpg (23166 bytes)     celtcrosscracked3.jpg (17814 bytes)   


celticcross.jpg (18568 bytes)  stonecroscrakd.jpg (65605 bytes)      claddaghcrossa1a.jpg (97857 bytes)     shamrockcladdaghharp.jpg (80315 bytes)   dragondoublecross3aaaa.jpg (22185 bytes)


uzi.jpg (4774 bytes)

oldenglishback100.jpg (24729 bytes)

Tattoos by Captain Bret

stomachname.jpg (5645 bytes)

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)

thug-life_jpg.jpg (11437 bytes)

onlygod.jpg (18672 bytes)

Only god can judge me


familia.jpg (16466 bytes)

Old English Letter Stomach Tattoo

   Large Old English Letter Style Name On Back Tattoo

a new pride.jpg (21637 bytes)

oldengname.jpg (20015 bytes)

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)


Fancy Old English letters

tribalpirateskull.jpg (24721 bytes)

sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)



sub-logo2.gif (5089 bytes)





So many custom Tattoo design at our shop

skull2.jpg (21755 bytes)



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