Captain Bret's Tattoo Design and Research Service

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Tattoo Design and Research Service

We offer Custom Tattoo design service for out Tattoo customers

Also for other industries that may need Custom designed Tribal and Celtic Art for there products

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What are you looking for?

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WE Draw and Design anything for you

Custom Tattoo Design Service

Have an idea for a new tattoo?

Need an image or  idea researched?

Want a custom design mailed to you?

E-mail us with your idea(s) and we will respond
promptly with a price quote.

We will mail to you your custom Tattoo design

We provide custom Tattoo ready designs for your local
Tattoo artist to apply.




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We offer commercial design service for Artists and Craftsmen

Whatever your artistic endeavor, we can provide design service for your industry. Our 22 years as a commercial artist and Tattoo shop owner enable our company to have access to an enormous amount of art designs that are suitable for a wide variety of popular culture commercial application and artistic mediums.

We provide designs for the following industries:

Celtic jewelry and clothing - Tribal jewelry and clothing - Tattoo jewelry and clothing - Tattoo books - Art books, College books, Tattoo Flash - Gothic jewelry and Gothic clothing -Tattoo fashion design - Tattoo clothing - Business and advertising logos and promotional items - Jewelry - Music albums and CD covers - Punk  clothing, Rockabilly clothing - Hot Rod clothing - Custom paint designs for Harley Davidson and foreign motorcycles, Choppers, Hotrods, automobiles.Gangsta Art


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We do ALL Tattoo styles, NOT JUST Tribal & Celtic

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Mystic River Tattoo

Sean Penn Back Tattoo

Tattoo that Captain Bret Designed that was used in Clint Eastwood's movie"MYSTIC RIVER" staring Sean Penn as the character "Jimmy Markum" a South Boston Irish mobster with this celtic styled cross Tattooed on his back


Design and research fees start at $25

average cost $25 to $50

Depending on complexity and size

Shipping and handling usually $5

Pay for designs with Postal Money-order

(We prefer Money Orders for faster service)

*Pay for designs with personal check
*(Delivery delayed until personal check clears)

Next Day Air Delivery Available


Captain Bret's Tattoo Shop
2 Collins Street
Newport, RI 02840

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